Xin sent influential people to China to improve his image. A backlash ensued.

Xin sent influential people to China to improve his image.  A backlash ensued.

Creators like Ms. Freeman have been taken aback by the response. He said he thought that seeing Sheen’s factories through his own eyes would allow people to share their positive experiences with the company and the trip, which he found informative. He said that he has received hate mail before for working with Sheen, but he did not expect such a backlash. (The influencer has faced backlash for a sponsored trip to Saudi Arabia and a recent lavish trip to Dubai sponsored by makeup brand Tarte.)

He said that he had asked workers and Sheen representatives about their working conditions and they told him that they work with integrity and are audited. Beyond that, she said, she doesn’t know what else she can do.

“Why can’t I say that this is my reality and my experience working with this company?” Ms. Freeman said. “This is with my own two eyes, this is what I see and this is my experience.”

He added, “My own eyes haven’t seen what everyone is talking about.”

One of the influencers, Dani Carbonari, who goes by the name Dani DMC on social media and says she is a “confidence activist,” called herself an “investigative journalist” in an Instagram video praising the factory. faced special criticism for That video has since been removed, and Ms Carbonari did not respond to a request for comment.

In fact, the travel and access given by Xin to influential people was in stark contrast to China’s increasingly hostile attitude towards journalists in recent years. Talks between the United States and China have stalled over new visas for journalists at American news organizations, according to a report march report from the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of China, and at least one American reporter with a valid visa was recently barred from re-entering China after leaving the country for routine travel.

“This is a really clear example of not using creators who talk about specific things like lifestyle, fashion, body positivity and then try to push them to push a completely different agenda,” said influencer marketer Ms. Karowski. “It will not work.”

On Tuesday, Ms. Carbonari Posted She said in a video on Instagram that she “should have done more research” and was grateful that people sent her information about Sheen which she used to educate herself.

“I hope Sheen can be more transparent and answer all of your questions,” she said, “because I can take accountability for myself and my actions but I cannot tolerate the fall for Sheen. “

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