Will my next journey be by train instead of plane?

Will my next journey be by train instead of plane?

Train lovers and travelers concerned about their carbon footprint have plenty to choose from this year – especially in Europe. While some European governments are considering ban on short haul flightsMany passengers are already opting for rail, where new connections are numerous.

nightjetÖBB, part of the Austrian Federal Railways, began running a sleeper train between Berlin and Paris In December, while the French rail operator, SNCF, launched an overnight service Paris and Aurillac, in south-central France, the same month. sleeper trains between Paris and Vienna And Paris and Nice are also already in service. And Italian rail operator Trenitalia recently began weekly operations. high speed connection Between Rome and the station serving the Pompeii archaeological park.

Other new European connections include a sleeper service between Brussels and PragueComing at the end of March, and an overnight train in the middle Brussels and Bratislava, Slovakia, is expected to take place at the end of this year or early next year. Trenitalia is also working on high-speed service between Paris and Barcelona, ​​with a possible connection with Madrid, as well as a direct link between Milan and Ljubljana, Slovenia; No start date has been set for any services.

Looking for a luxury experience? Orient Express la dolce vita Will offer itineraries through Italy from November. Backed by French group Accor, the service will emphasize design and fine dining, and take visitors to places such as Palermo, Portofino, Rome and Sienna.

Travelers to Asia also have luxury options with two new itineraries Eastern and Oriental Express, Each route starts and ends in Singapore and takes passengers on a three-night journey through Malaysia. In March, Japan to offer expanded bullet train service from Tokyo Fukui PrefectureHome to 13th-century Buddhist temples, coastal cliffs and a dinosaur museum.

In the United States, Amtrak’s New fleet of high-speed trains may soon enter service In the Northeast Corridor, however, no start date has been set. Trains will reach 160 mph from the current 150 mph

Since last month, Brightline – a privately owned intercity operator – has been running 16 round-trip trains every day between Orlando, Florida and Miami. Looking ahead, Brightline is planning a high-speed route between Las Vegas and Los Angeles, a project won 3 billion dollars In federal support late last year. Organizers hope the service will start in time for 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles.

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