The lucrative business of becoming a witch on Etsy and TikTok

The lucrative business of becoming a witch on Etsy and TikTok

Rhiannon Hedrick, owner of all about intentions In Rolla, MO. That said, a lot of the requests can feel like a last resort for people — usually women — who don’t have options and hope. MX said, “My wife reads most of our messages now, because about eight months ago I got to a point where it was breaking my heart.” Hedrick, who uses they/them pronouns.

“We have done hundreds of legal cases, usually nasty divorces and custody battles where there is one partner who is in control and has more access to money,” MX. Hedrick, 35, said. But he said, it is impossible to verify whether the mantras are effective. “We recently had a man admit in court that he attacked our client’s young son,” he said. “He’s in jail now.”

A The “Winning Legal Cases” spell costs $75.55 From MX. Hedrick’s store, while facilitating a “group cord-cutting ritual”. Harmonious Co-Parenting costs $45.55, It is not illegal to curse at the defendant or plaintiff during a family court case. However the sale of “spiritual services” that guarantee results has been banned on Etsy since 2015, causing an uproar in the witch community. Many Etsy witches and healers now have “recreational only” qualified riders at their services.

Still, this has had no impact on repeat customers. Bernadette Giacomazzo, a journalist and author in Atlantic Beach, NY, works with MX. Heydrich at least once a month, mostly on career-focused rituals. Ms. Giacomazzo, 45, attributes her disillusionment with Catholicism to her interest in witchcraft and other supernatural practices, and compares her monthly payments to MX. Heydrich for the tithe.

In turn, Ms. Giacomazzo feels as if she has a psychic cheerleader. “I know someone is praying on my behalf in a positive way,” he said. He is “the person who helps me in the spiritual realm.” She credits MX for landing a publisher for her book after years of trying. Heydrich’s enchantment.

Going to witches for help is a long-standing tradition, sometimes a last resort, especially when all other avenues have been exhausted. “If you go to a witch, you may be asking for something that, as a woman, you can’t get in other ways,” Dr. Gibson said. “Power, wealth, health, security.”

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