Off-duty pilot tried to disrupt engine on Alaska Airlines flight

Off-duty pilot tried to disrupt engine on Alaska Airlines flight

An off-duty pilot sitting in the jump seat in the cockpit of an Alaska Airlines flight on Sunday has been charged with more than 80 counts of attempted murder after trying to disrupt the engine, causing the plane to veer toward Portland, Ore. Had to turn. , officials said.

Flight 2059, operated by Horizon Airlines, a regional subsidiary of Alaska Airlines, took off from Everett, Washington, at about 5:23 p.m. and was headed to San Francisco when it reported “an incident involving an off-duty pilot of Alaska Airlines There is a credible security threat.” “Traveling in the flight deck jump seat,” Alaska Airlines said in a statement Monday.

“The individual in the jump seat unsuccessfully attempted to disrupt engine operation,” Alaska Airlines said in the statement, adding that the captain and first officer “responded immediately, engine power was not lost and the crew ejected without incident.” The plane was secured.”

A pilot told air traffic controllers that the man had tried to cut off the plane’s engine an audio recording Posted on, which shares live and archived recordings of air-traffic-control radio broadcasts.

The pilot said, “We’ve got the guy who tried to shut down the engines out of the cockpit, and he doesn’t appear to be causing any problems right now in the back. I think he’s subdued.” ‘

The pilot asked to be met by law enforcement as the plane landed.

The Port of Portland Police Department said in a statement that the flight crew “was able to detain the subject and the flight landed safely at Portland International Airport just before 6:30 p.m..”

The man was taken into custody without incident. The department identified him as Joseph D. Emerson.

Mr. Emerson, 44, was jailed Monday morning on more than 80 charges of attempted murder, a felony, according to the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office; 80 counts of reckless endangerment, a misdemeanor; And endangering an aircraft is a felony.

An Alaska Airlines spokesperson said the plane was carrying four crew members and 80 passengers. It is not uncommon for off-duty pilots to use cockpit jump seats to commute to and from work.

A spokeswoman for the Federal Aviation Administration referred questions to local officials.

“All passengers on board were able to travel on a later flight,” Alaska Airlines said. “We are grateful for the professional handling of the situation by the Horizon Flight crew and appreciate our guests’ calmness and patience throughout this incident.”

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