Jeffrey Epstein acted as advisor to JPMorgan executive

Jeffrey Epstein acted as advisor to JPMorgan executive

James E. Staley, the former top JPMorgan Chase executive who was closest to disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein at the bank, trusted him as a personal advisor for many years, a document shows.

The two men discussed a variety of topics in the email, including a possible meeting between Chinese officials and executives of the country’s largest bank, business deals Mr. Staley was working on, a possible promotion for Mr. Staley, and the fallout of 2008. Were. The financial crisis, according to a document the bank prepared shortly after Mr. Epstein was arrested on federal sex-trafficking charges in 2019.

The document, reviewed by The New York Times and included as a sealed exhibit in the court filing, also disclosed the personal nature of Mr. Staley’s relationship with Mr. Epstein. Several times, Mr. Staley told Mr. Epstein that he missed him, talked about mutual friends and about helping his daughter get into graduate school.

In one email, Mr. Staley boasted to Mr. Epstein about his plans for New Year’s Eve 2011: “I’m here in Brazil with three beautiful women. Happy new year.”

In another email exchange, according to the document, Mr Staley wrote Mr Epstein in 2010: “Maybe they’re tracking you?? that was fun. Say hello to Snow White. Mr. Epstein replied, “Which character would you like to play next.” The document said that in 2009, Mr Epstein sent Mr Staley an email with a photo attachment containing “a photograph of a young woman wearing a revealing outfit in a modeling pose”.

Mr Staley, known as Jess, is a central figure in two civil lawsuits filed last year against JPMorgan over the bank’s nearly 15-year business relationship with Mr Epstein. The lawsuits argue that JPMorgan looked the other way at Mr. Epstein’s allegations of trafficking of teenage girls and young men, and continued to do so even after he was convicted of prostitution of a teenage girl in 2008. Had to register as ,

Mr. Staley has repeatedly denied in court papers any wrongdoing or being aware that Mr. Epstein sexually assaulted young women and teenage girls while the bank had him as a customer. Mr Staley’s lawyers did not respond to requests for comment. JP Morgan, which also said it was unaware of Mr Epstein’s activities, sued Mr Staley this year to ensure that, if it determined he engaged in improper activity, he would be punished for that. may be held liable for damages which the Bank may have to pay. ,

The 22-page document also summarizes other emails involving communications between Mr Epstein and other JPMorgan employees.

In some of the emails, Mr Epstein mentioned all the rich and famous people he had been meeting or talking to, including Prince Andrew. He spoke of having links with British politicians and Middle Eastern leaders. He also discussed an art transaction he said he helped billionaire Wall Street investor Leon Black complete. Mr. Black was another close associate of Mr. Epstein for many years and paid him $158 million for tax and financial advice.

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