Biden seeks UAW support with convention speech

Biden seeks UAW support with convention speech

President Biden will appear with the president of the United Automobile Workers union at a conference in Washington on Wednesday as he tries to secure the group’s influential endorsement.

Mr Biden, who sat down with striking union workers in the autumn, is expected to deliver the keynote address at the conference, according to a media consultant, and “address attendees on the top issues facing working-class Americans.” do”. For the event.

The group’s chairman, Shawn Fenn, is a member of former President Donald J. Trump has been a vocal critic and criticized some Republican policies as divisive and harmful when he spoke at the convention on Monday. He said the party takes a stance against transgender and gay people “so that they don’t have to talk about who you work for, where the profits go and who benefits.” He also criticized the Republican attack on immigration to the United States.

“Right now, we have millions of people being told that the biggest threat to their livelihoods is migrants coming across the border,” Mr Fenn said. “The threat we face at the border is not from migrants. “This is getting working people to point fingers at each other from billionaires and politicians.”

Still, Mr. Fain has not said whether the UAW will officially endorse Mr. Biden. Representatives for the union and the Biden campaign had no comment Wednesday about whether the endorsement would come. Mr. Biden, who calls himself “the most pro-union president in history” and was the first sitting president to visit the picket line, has appeared at several UAW events to prove his credibility with the group’s leadership and rank and file. Have given.

“I have been in the UAW longer than you have been alive,” Mr. Biden, 80, told a boisterous crowd at an event in Illinois in November after the union reached a deal with Ford, General Motors and Stellantis. ” on a contract that included wage increases and the reopening of a plant in Belvidere, Illinois.

At that event, he criticized Mr. Trump for insisting that electric vehicles would lead to the loss of thousands of manufacturing jobs.

“Well, as he said on almost everything, he’s wrong,” Mr. Biden said at the time. “And you have proved him wrong. Instead of lower wages, you achieved record profits. “Instead of fewer jobs, you have secured a commitment for thousands more jobs.”

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